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Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to Terrell, and my child was identified as being gifted in another state/district in Texas. Is he/she automatically placed into your gifted program?

Each school district in Texas is able to set its own criteria for admission into its gifted and talented program based on the services provided.  Further, districts are asked to complete the assessment within six weeks. In Terrell, we require thorough documentation of prior testing and determine the placement of the student based on the provided records.



What kind of documentation do I need to provide to assist with the referral and screening process?

It is always helpful for parents to share GT testing documentation.  National, state, and district testing information, report cards that show gifted placement, and letters of acceptance into a gifted program can expedite the screening process.


I am new to the district and would like my child tested for the gifted program. What is the process? Who do I contact?

Parents, teachers, administrators, counselors, or community members may refer a child at any time.  District testing for the gifted and talented program is completed annually. Please contact the Gifted and Talented Program Director, Bronwyn Vaughan. She may be reached at 972-563-7504 or by email: bronwyn.vaughan@terrellisd.org


How many students are accepted into the GT program each year?

GT identification does not involve a quota. All students who qualify under the district guidelines will be eligible to participate in the gifted and talented program.


My child was identified for the gifted program in Terrell, and we moved away. We have moved back. Is my child automatically placed into the gifted program?

Identified gifted students who move away from Terrell ISD and later return may be re-assessed. They are not automatically placed back into the gifted program. If they have been gone less than two (2) years or their original testing is less than two years old, the student will be re-admitted to the program. Otherwise, the student must be assessed and qualify again before being placed in the program.


Does my child have to re-qualify as he/she moves from elementary school to middle school?

No. Unless the program is not meeting the needs of an identified student, he/she remains in the gifted program from one grade to the next and from one school to the next.


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