Employee Dress Code


(Administrative  Guideline)


The dress and grooming of District employees shall be clean, neat, in a manner appropriate for their assignments and in accordance with any additional standards by their supervisors and approved by the Superintendent.


The classroom teacher and other staff should always exemplify high standards of personal appearance and physical characteristics, which are conducive to effective teaching and learning. Students view their teachers as role models; therefore, it is incumbent upon all employees to portray the best possible image in the community of Terrell. All personnel will be expected to dress in a manner that is becoming and fashionable to the teaching (educational) profession. A teacher's attire should always reflect the respect he/she has for himself/herself and others. It should also be of such a nature as to elicit respect from students and generally teach respect for authority. All clothing must be cleaned and pressed.


  • All tattoos must be covered and hidden from view.

  • Jewelry used in conjunction with body piercing such as nose rings, lip rings, eyebrow rings, gages of any kind, and tongue studs are prohibited.

  • Employees' hair shall be clean and well groomed at all times and shall not obstruct vision. No extreme style or color shall be allowed. No symbols, letters, or extreme designs cut in the hair shall be permitted. No ponytails, ducktails, rat-tails, or puffballs shall be allowed on male employees.  Male employees' hair length shall not extend beyond the collar of the shirt.

  • Mustaches must not extend past the corners of the mouth. Mustaches and beards are to be well groomed, trimmed, and maintained. Sideburn length shall not extend beyond the bottom of the ear.

  • Female employees must not wear skirts, skorts, or dresses that are more than three inches above the knee or have a slit that is cut more than three inches above the knee.

  • Women's clothing should not be revealing in cut, style, or material. No halter-tops or tank tops are allowed.  Sleeveless tops are allowed as long as they are covered at all times.

  • Cotton and knit pants are permitted as long as they are not tight fitting. Pants should not be worn above the mid-calf. No spandex/stretch pants, stirrup pants, or warm-ups are allowed.

  • Coaching shorts/wind suits may only be worn during athletic/P.E. instructional periods. During classroom instruction, PE/coaching staff must follow the employee dress code.

  • Ked-type shoes and sandals are allowed if they are clean and well kept. No flip-flops, rubber or foam shoes, house shoes or crocs are allowed. Dress casual shoes are appropriate.

  • Belts are required in all clothing that has belt loops.

  • Male instructional staff shall be expected to wear slacks and collared shirts or sweaters.  Ties are recommended, and sport coats and suits are encouraged, but not required.

  • Shorts, sweatshirts, jeans, and wind suits may be worn on days with prior approval by the principal. Clothing for fieldtrips, field days, and other "special" days are subject to principal approval.

  • Fridays will be designated as "Tiger Spirit" day.  Staff may wear appropriate jeans, a dress code colored shirt or a Tiger Spirit Shirt.

  • Teachers who work in special classroom situations, i.e. FUTURE, etc. will be addressed by the principal. (Scrubs will be appropriate attire for teachers designated by the principal.)

  • The principal or immediate supervisor will address any dress perceived unprofessional.


Employees may dress according to the designated student standard of dress.


Nursing Professional Dress and Grooming Guidelines


Nursing will follow the Terrell ISD Employee Dress and Grooming Guidelines as outlined in the TISD Employee Handbook with the following exceptions:


  • A nurse may wear "scrubs" as a uniform when working in the clinic.

  • If a nurse is wearing her "scrubs" or other nursing uniform she/he will be allowed to wear athletic type tennis shoes provided they are clean and well kept.

  • TISD dress code will be followed when attire other than "scrubs" is worn. A "scrub jacket" or lab coat must be worn when any clothing other than "scrubs" (both top and bottom) is worn.

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