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Parent Portal

Parent Portal is an online resource that allows parents to access up-to-date information on their students’ academic progress as well as to update changes to student/parent information.


  1. Keep Track of Academic Progress

  • Real-time grades

  • Attendance and tardy information

  • 6-week grades


  2. Schedule Alerts (email or text message)

  • Missing assignment or “0” in the grade book

  • Any grades below a “75” (Each parent can set their own score)

  • If a student receives a tardy

  • If a student is marked “absent”


  3. Update Contact Information

  • Change of phone number or address

  • Add an emergency contact


  4. Complete Annual Forms and New Student Enrollment online 

  • Parents will no longer have to fill out paperwork every year for each student. 

  • Parents will confirm and/or update information online once a year (one per family).  

  • Parents will also enroll new students online through the Parent Portal system.



Step One: Receive a Parent Portal Welcome Letter from your child's campus with the Parent Portal Student ID


Step Two: Create Parent Portal account 

Creating a NEW Parent Portal Account

Step Three: Set up alerts and check website for real-time academic information

Parent Portal, Getting Started

Step Four: Annually update online registration data 


Step Five: Update contact information as any changes occur throughout the school year 

How to Upload Documents to Parent Portal