Terrell ISD Administration Building

700 N. Catherine Street 

Terrell, TX 75160

972.563.7504 ext. 3382

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm

Terrell ISD Police Department



The Police Department of the Terrell Independent School District is a department providing a full array of police services to our school community. Policing in an educational environment and is a unique experience where we join as partners with educators to ensure an environment that is conducive to the learning process.


The Officers of the TISD Police Department are exceptional in the levels of professionalism they demonstrate in their commitment to shared values of moral and ethical conduct, and in their interaction with students and staff. Our officers are fully certified Texas Peace Officers who have the same authority as other local law enforcement officers. Our staff is highly trained and qualified to meet the needs of all law enforcement efforts of prevention, intervention, and enforcement with a focus on creating the safest learning environment possible for our students, staff, and visitors. 

Gary Mork, TISD Chief of Police

Gary Mork

TISD Chief of Police

972.563.7504 Ext. 3382

Jerry Valladarez, TAEC Police Officer

Jerry Valladarez

Lieutenant Officer

972.563.6319 Ext. 3390

Officer Avalos.jpeg

Edward Avalos

FMS Police Officer

972.563.7501 Ext. 6010

Richard Calender, GWE/WHB Police Officer

Richard Calender

GWE/WHB Police Officer

972.563.1143 Ext. 2026

Lori Meyers, JWL/WES Police Officer

Lori Meyers

JWL/WES Police Officer

972.563.1448 Ext. 4008

Oscar Serrato, FMS Police Offcier

Oscar Serrato

THS Police Officer

972.563.7525 Ext. 7323

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