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Phone Number



1320 State Highway 34 S 

Terrell, TX 75160


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Gold Star Bus provides complete transportation services for Terrell ISD, including home to school, vocational, athletics, and extracurricular trips. For additional bus route information contact Gold Star Bus at 972-563-3939 or contact your campus.


Student IDs can now be used to scan on and off the school bus for safety and security purposes. Our friend Big Red is here to show you how.


School buses are operated by Gold Star Bus and their office number is 972-563-3939. Surveillance cameras are used on selected Gold Star buses to ensure student and driver safety.


The Bus Driver has the same authority over the child as a classroom teacher.


The bus driver is charged with the responsibility of maintaining discipline. He shall report violations to the school principal. Parents should encourage their children to behave and sit down at all times while riding the bus.


General Bus Rules

1. Obey the instructions of the bus driver. At no time will a student act toward or address comments to the bus driver in a disrespectful manner or refuse to cooperate with the driver.

2. Board and leave the bus at designated stops only.

3. Only students who are eligible to ride may be transported. Students must ride their assigned bus.

4. Do not ask to ride home on another bus with a friend without a note from home.

5. It is the responsibility of the parents to provide transportation to school if a child misses the bus.

6. If you do not ride for three days, you must call the transportation office, 972-563-3939, or the bus may not come by again until contacted.



The school bus is an extension of the classroom, and discipline will be administered by the principal with assistance from the bus driver. All school board policies that apply to student conduct and other school related activities apply also to the school bus.


It's really not a complicated system. In simple terms: 3 minor infractions (written) equal a major infraction. In the case of a major infraction, the students riding privileges may be suspended for a period of time.


The following is an outline of the Bus Discipline Procedure:


Step 1: The driver will inform the student of the program. The student will be given verbal warnings for misconduct. Every effort will be made to solve the problems prior to reporting the student to the principal.

Step 2: The uniform disciplinary action will be:

  • First Minor Infraction - Driver will attempt to contact parent in an effort to correct the situation. (This is the first time a student is written up - He/She has had previous verbal warnings.)

  • Second Minor Infraction - School administrators will follow the normal student discipline management plan.

  • Third Minor Infraction - First Major Infraction - The student may be suspended from riding the bus for three days or the principal's discretion of an alternative discipline.

  • Second Major Infraction - The student may be suspended from riding the bus for a period of time (three more minor infractions will equal another major infractions).

  • Third Major Infraction - The student may be suspended for the remainder of the semester. (If this occurs during the last six weeks of a semester, it may be extended to the end of the following semester.)The building administrator has the authority to skip steps for serious violations, or to repeat them if the misconduct is not a serious safety violation.


Click Here for the Complete Bus Rider Handbook


If you should need information regarding school bus routes or schedules, please call Gold Star Bus at 972-563-3939.