About WHB

Greetings from WHB!

As the principal and Head Start director, I welcome you to W. H. Burnett, the early childhood center of Terrell ISD. As a former Head Start and Pre-K 4 mom myself, I am excited to be able to give back to this campus for the blessings my own children received by being here at WHB. This is a crucial campus as we have the honor and opportunity to build the foundation of the youngest scholars' educational careers! Serving three and four-year-olds, our focus is on growing positive social interactions, building strong literacy skills, and establishing encouraging school experiences for both students and parents.

Parents, you are your child’s first teacher! I look forward to partnering with you as we support your child’s growth academically, emotionally, and physically. To accelerate growth your most important supports include:

Student daily attendance
Students have to be here each and every day! Without them present, we lose an opportunity to build upon their skills. The only time they are not to come to school is if they have had a fever within 24 hours.

Checking your child’s school folder daily
This is a vital communication tool.  In their folders, you will have notes from the teacher and/or campus regarding the day’s activities, upcoming events, and your child’s progress.  There will also be learning supports provided for you to practice with your child in the evenings so they can show off their new learning to you!

Communication with teacher
Communication from school to home and home to school is vital as we partner together. If you have praise or concerns, please reach out to your child’s teacher first.  They are the first partner in assisting in meeting your child’s needs.  They can then connect you with other campus personnel that is able to join the community of support.

Jodi Schleter, Principal
Go Tigers!