Let's get ready for college! 

A part of applying to college means registering for and taking college entrance exams.  It is best to begin studying and preparing for college entrance exams sooner rather than later. Although test scores are not the only thing colleges look at, they are part of the process and determine eligibility for academic scholarships. 

Great news! Terrell ISD PAYS for the following entrance exams:
PSAT: Administered each October during the school day to sophomores and juniors.
SAT: Administered in the Spring during the school day to juniors.
ASVAB: Administered in the Spring to high schoolers interested in joining the military.

Below you will find further information such as testing dates, registration deadlines, and study tips.


The ACT test covers four academic areas (English, math, reading and scientific reasoning), with an optional writing test. Students receive a composite score of a 1 to a 36. As you begin to study, check out these helpful tips for taking the ACT.

Visit the official ACT homepage for more information.

ACT Test Prep Resources:

2022-2023 ACT Testing Dates

ACT Dates


The SAT test covers three academic areas - English, math, and reading. SAT scores range from 400 to 1600. As you begin studying, check out these helpful tips for taking the SAT

Visit the official SAT homepage for more information.

SAT Test Prep Resources:

SAT Dates


The Pre-SAT (PSAT) is an excellent way for students to preview and practice for the SAT because they are tightly aligned with the new SAT. 

In addition to preparation for the SAT, the PSAT provides:

  • Students have access to free personalized SAT studies

  • Connect students to AP courses, scholarships, and colleges

  • The official route of entry to the National Merit® Scholarship Program