Dual Language

About the Dual Language Program

Terrell ISD is thrilled to begin offering a Dual Language Program for Kindergarten students at J. W. Long Elementary School; this is the second year for students at W.H. Burnett Early Childhood Center. This program is available to all qualifying students regardless of where they live in the district.

The Dual Language bilingual/biliteracy program is NOT for English speaking students wanting to learn Spanish. The program is modeled for students with Spanish as their first language to be served in both English and Spanish in order to be successful in English-only instruction classrooms when they get to secondary level. The program will grow a grade level every year up to 5th grade. Pre-K 4 instruction will rely mostly in Spanish and instruction in English will gradually increase from Pre-K 4 to 2nd grade when 50% will be delivered in English, and 50% will be delivered in Spanish. This 50/50 language of instruction will remain up to 5th grade.