21 Offers and Counting

For Terrell High School seniors Chase Bingmon and Marquel Hambric and junior Keiundre Johnson, the dream of playing football at the collegiate level is now within reach.  With 21 offers and counting between the three of them, the athletes are helping to create a new Terrell Tiger legacy.  Their talents have attracted offers from Prairie View A&M, University of Central Arkansas, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Oregon, Texas Tech, and Florida State, just to name a few. 

Since their days of playing Pee Wee football together, all three young men have worked hard both on and off the field and the number of scouts showing up to watch them practice proves it.  “It has been a blessing to receive so many offers,” Keiundre shared. “My family is very proud of me and they are extremely excited.”  

As all college scouts will tell you, having athletic ability is only one part of the equation - athletes must also have the grades. During the interview, all three stressed the importance of grades. “Most young athletes starting their freshman year in high school do not realize that slacking off on your studies can do major damage to your GPA,” said Chase. “My advice to them would be to take your freshman year seriously.” 

When asked what the sport of football has taught him, Marquel shared that it has taught him responsibility. “Coach Sedberry loves his players and sometimes he has to show us tough love, but deep down I know that he wants what's best for us,” he said.  

Since Coach Marvin Sedberry took the helm as head coach in 2019, the 2023 football team has acquired the most collegiate offers. “These guys are natural leaders,” said Sedberry. “They believe in Terrell football, in the process, and have a great work ethic.” 

Referred to as the flagship players of the program, Chase, Keiundre and Marquel have learned how to work with and motivate others. “My teammates and I, we are a brotherhood,” said Marquel. “We have each other's back and we are here for one another.” 

After making their first playoff appearance since 2016 and going three rounds deep during the 2022 season, the boys are hungry for success. “We are looking forward to another winning season,” shared Keiundre. “We are excited and we are ready.” 

And, as one of the senior leaders on the team, Chase Bingom has earned his place in Terrell Tiger history. “This has been a humbling and life-changing experience for me,” said Chase. “I am grateful to be a part of the Terrell Tigers.  And, it is my honor to #ProtectTheT.”