Terrell High School seniors Camila Aguinaga, Kmauria Martin, and Jesse Fletcher

Ask any high school senior across the country what worries them most about attending college and they will give you the same two answers - which college will I be accepted into and how am I going to pay for it?  For Terrell High School seniors Camila Aguinaga, Kmauria Martin, and Jesse Fletcher, these worries have been lessened.  

In August, the high school partnered with Greenlight College Match, an organization that helps students find opportunities to attend college.  Students submit an online profile that includes their high school transcript, current course schedule, and college test scores.  The profile also takes into account what is most important to the student when attending college - location, academic offerings, cost, internship opportunities, campus activities, etc. Upon submission, Greenlight College Match searches for colleges that best fit their needs and helps them to secure college acceptance letters and scholarship dollars. 

Of the 350 seniors in the Class of 2024, 98 students have submitted profiles with 48 students receiving college acceptance letters and 46 receiving scholarship offers worth $4.9M dollars.  Camila Aguinaga, Kmauria Martin, and Jesse Fletcher are three of these students. 

Camila has received one acceptance letter with a $120,000 scholarship offer; Kmauria has received three acceptance letters with scholarship offers totaling $162,000; and Jessie has received three acceptance letters with offers totaling $216,000.   Together, these students have received nearly half a million in scholarship dollars and it is only September. 

Kmauria, whose goal is to become a kindergarten teacher, says she has felt a sense of relief. “Now that I am receiving acceptance letters and scholarship offers it makes the dream of attending college that much more real,” she said. 

Her classmate, Jesse, who wants to major in engineering, agreed.  “I now have choices,” he said. “I wasn’t sure if I was going to attend college and now with acceptance letters and scholarship offers, it makes attending college possible.”    

Camila, who is looking for colleges that offer biology majors, said she is grateful for this opportunity. “I never imagined I would get scholarships after the COVID pandemic,” she said.  I struggled my freshman year during the lockdown and I have worked hard to raise my grades.  I also have a sister in college and these scholarships will provide some financial relief for my parents.” 

For Executive Director of Student Support, Dr. Renee Jones, this mission is personal. “I worked with many of these seniors when they were in second grade and I was principal at John F. Kennedy - now Gilbert Willie Elementary. Being able to work with them again and provide opportunities to change the trajectory of their life is deeply rewarding,” she said. 

The high school is currently working with seniors on the next round of submissions and is on target to submit another 100 students to the match program by October 1 with the goal of all seniors submitting a profile by winter break. 

Kmauria shared that she is going to make sure that all of her friends submit an application. “It’s important,” she said. “College will open so many doors for myself and my friends.”