Dillan and Collin Daws

For fraternal twins, Collin and Dillan Daws, baseball is life. The two started playing little league when they were in the sixth grade thanks to the encouragement they received from their parents. “My dad was our first coach,” shared Collin.  “He played baseball in high school and both he and my mom really wanted us to play a sport.  Our dad practiced with us and our mom was our biggest cheerleader.” As young boys, the twins made the perfect duo - Dillan as pitcher and Collin as catcher. 

In seventh grade the boys enrolled in Terrell ISD and both have been members of the varsity baseball team since their freshman year. Dillan has served as a utility player and Collin as a pitcher and catcher.  “I remember as a freshman varsity baseball team member, I looked up to everyone,” Dillan said.  “Being 14 years old on varsity made me grow up quickly, but I was fortunate to have a lot of really great mentors.  When I became a junior and was voted captain, the roles switched.  When I see a teammate struggling I want to help them.” 

The boys shared that being twins has its advantages and disadvantages and that many times people would pit them against each other. “It’s a blessing and a curse,” Collin shared. “We have a tight bond and because of that we have been able to shut out the noise. There is never a day we didn’t want to work because we had each other to lean on.” 

Dillan agreed. “Throughout the years, we’ve been able to hold each other accountable and it has worked in our favor.” 

Now as seniors, both boys serve as captain of the baseball team and they are looking forward to the season.  “Everyone is hungry,” Dillan shared. “This team is the best team I have been a part of since the start of my high school career. We are looking forward to changing the culture of Terrell baseball and making the playoffs.” 

Not only have the twins’ high school stats earned them numerous All-District honors, but their stats have also caught the attention of colleges across the country.  Between the two of them they have received 54 college offers to play baseball from states as far away as New York, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois.  

While the pouring in of offers was thrilling, the boys were dead set on two things: to attend college together and, most importantly, to attend a Christian college. The twins shared that they are active members of their church - Free Life in Forney.  

Prior to the start of this season, Dillan dislocated his knee and multiple colleges quit communicating with him.  “I was talking to my summer ball coach and I told him I was worried that I would play my last baseball game as a high school student,” he shared.  I was really depressed about it.” 

Two months later both brothers received offers from East Texas Baptist University.  “In late December Dillan and I received offers from ETBU literally one day apart from one another,” shared Collin. “We went for an official visit on February 1 and verbally committed while meeting with the coaches. We officially signed on February 7.” 

The twins are extremely excited for their future. “This has always been the goal and it’s just been the best thing,” shared Dillian.  Collin couldn’t agree more. “Our parents are so excited for us,” he said. “We have more ETBU merch than Terrell merch now.”