Bond Defeated Despite Great Need

Last evening, the citizens of Terrell ISD voted down the district’s $115M single proposition bond proposal with 54.01% voting against and 46.99% voting for the measure. 

The Bond proposal would have provided critical repairs and updates to campuses across the district, including the building of a new elementary campus in response to rapid growth, renovations and additions to Terrell High School, additional safety and security features, upgrades to playgrounds at three elementary schools and renovations to the Agricultural Sciences building at the high school for the district’s rapidly growing FFA program. 

“The need has not gone away,” said Superintendent Georgeanne Warnock.  “This school year alone has seen us grow more than three hundred students over last year and we are projected to add 1,500 students in the next seven years.  Our students and teachers desperately needed this bond to renovate existing campuses and add a new elementary school to account for our rapid growth,” she said. 

Despite the outcome of the election, the district remains undeterred in its commitment to serve every student who walks through its doors. 

“We will continue to use all means available to enhance educational equity across the district, expand early childhood education, improve literacy, cultivate engaging and safe learning environments, and increase student achievement.”  

“I would like to thank our community members, staff, and Board of Trustees who worked tirelessly on the bond campaign,” added Warnock. “We will go back to the drawing board in due time to reassess our next steps.