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Parent & Student Commitments

At the Global Leadership Academy (GLA) it is our aim for parents and staff to work hand-in-hand to ensure that learning opportunities are maximized, both in and out of school. As partners, parents will commit to the following aspects of the GLA that differ from Terrell ISD's traditional campuses including:

Uniform Dress Code
Students are expected to adhere to a uniform dress code that is unique to the GLA. The dress code helps to establish a strong sense of unity and belonging and is one of the many tenants of the campus that serve to promote a sense of honor, respect, and professionalism among the student body. For more dress code information, click here.

Technology Expectations
To support at-home learning initiatives, students are required to have internet access as well as pay an annual technology fee for their 1-to-1 devices. Technology plays a major role in providing a personalized learning experience to GLA students. Scholarships for the technology fee may be available based on need.

Modified Calendar
Students attending the GLA will operate on a 4-day school week (Monday - Thursday) with a daily schedule of 7:45 am. - 4:10 pm. In the same way that we want to provide unique and innovative learning environments to our families, we also want to extend that same mindset to our school calendar. A four-day school week allows for increased time with family, working on projects, and embarking on field trips and other independent learning opportunities.

At-Home Learning Expectations
We believe that learning is not an isolated event that only happens within the confines of the school building. Although we are utilizing a modified schedule at the GLA, the expectation is that learning continues to occur when students are not at school. Whether it’s spending time reading independently or collaborating on a class project, taking a trip to a museum, or spending time with family, we expect GLA students to maximize the learning opportunities provided to them as a result of the four-day school week.