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Rodney Morrow
Instructional Aide
Ext. 15000
Kristin Paqua
Restorative Coach
Ext. 15609
Laurin Sturdivant
Library Aide
Ext. 15106
__________ __________
Medical Assistant
Ext. 15116
Imunique Harris
Kinder Teacher
Ext. 15202
Amy Harris
Kinder Teacher Math/Sci/SS-ESL
Ext. 15203
Brian Russell
Kinder Teacher-ESL
Ext. 15210
Casey Wilkins
Kinder Teacher-ESL
Ext. 15209
__________ __________
First Grade Math/Sci/SS-ESL
Ext. 15206
Kelli Huff
First Grade ELAR/SS
Ext. 15208
Melissa Harris
First Grade Math/Sci/SS-ESL
Ext. 15407
Anna Moerdyk
First Grade Self Contained-ESL
Ext. 15205
Kimberly Kimpela
Second Grade ELAR/SS
Ext. 15302
Tiffiney Taylor
Second Grade Math/Sci/SS
Ext. 15305
Melanie Shuttleworth
Second Grade Math/Sci/SS-ESL
Ext. 15303
Katrina Wilson
Second Grade -ESL
Ext. 15306
Kelli Chadwick
Third Grade Science/SS
Ext. 15406
Judy Harrell
Third Grade ELAR/Social Studies-ESL, GT
Ext. 15407
Sarah Heider
Third Grade Math/Sci/SS -ESL
Ext. 15404
Vanessa House
Third Grade ELAR/Social Studies-ESL
Ext. 15405