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Wendy Rucker
Third Grade Math/Science/Social Studies-ESL,GT
Ext. 15403
Magon Gavin
Fourth Grade Math/Science/SS-ESL
Ext. 15502
Lisa McBride
Fourth Grade - ESL, GT
Ext. 15504
Brenda Razo
Fourth Grade Science/ SS
Valerie Thurman
Fourth Grade ELAR/Social Studies/Math/Science-ESL, GT
Ext. 15501
Tiffany Wheeler
Fourth Grade ELAR
Ext. 15503
Darla Coltharp
Fifth Grade Math/Science-ESL
Ext. 15507
Hanna Garcia
Fifth Grade Math/Science-ESL
Ext. 15510
Jamie McSwain
Fifth Grade ELAR/SS-ESL
Ext. 15508
Skileya Mitchell
Fifth Grade Science-ESL
Ext. 15509
Melissa Phillips
Fifth Grade ELAR/Social Studies-ESL, GT
Ext. 15505
Thor Berggren
Ext. 15687
Kathryn Black
Ext. 15506
Nadine Morris
Ext. 15409
Carnell Horn
BAC Aide
Ext. 15687
Tracy Kearney
BAC Aide
Ext. 15687
Brenda King
Inclusion Aide
Ext. 15687
Devin Perkins
Inclusion Aide
Ext. 15409